Molecular biology laboratory
IOBA Molecular Biology Laboratory is an ophthalmic diagnostic laboratory that offers a full spectrum of ophthalmic diagnostic services for infectious, hereditary, inflammatory and/or autoimmune ocular diseases. Highly trained staff for handling and processing of ocular samples (biopsies, corneal scrapings, conjunctival exudates, intraocular fluids, tears, etc.) is available on demand.
Services:  Diagnostic and research services::
  • Diagnosis of ocular infections 
  • Diagnosis of ocular inflammatory and autoinmune diseases 
  • Diagnosis of ocular hereditary diseases
  • Preparation of personalized treatments for ophthalmic use 
  • Technical consulting for research projects


Contact ¿Cómo solicitar nuestros servicios?
By e-mail or phone. Download the application form, fill in and send it duly completed together with the sample to be analyzed.
Molecular biology laboratoryIOBA-Universidad de Valladolid
C/Paseo de Belén 17, 47011 Valladolid
Phon.: (+34) 983 423238 / (+34) 983 184755
Infrastructure: Major infrastructure and equipment:
7500 Real-Time PCR System, Applied Biosystems
Cytomics FC500, Beckman Coulter
Documents:  Sample submission form
Procedure for sending samples [Falta, Subier a Drive]
Informed consent for genetic tests